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this is something we take very seriously. whilst we realise certain aspects of our ethos aren't going to gel with everyone, we hope you appreciate the lengths we go to in order to make such a number as small as possible. 


all of our products, ingredients, cleaning solutions and intentions are 100% vegan; and always will be. we've done the hard work to make our menu items as tasty as possible, whilst being entirely cruelty free. all you have to do is enjoy them. Infact, we promise you won't even be able to tell the difference. 


our organic flour is sourced from a soil association accredited supplier who understands what it means to commit life-long to the pursuit of green business.


the entirety of our packaging is made from sustainably sourced, recycled paper board, and lined with a water based wax coating. this means that the entirety of the product can be recycled at a wider range of processing plants without the need for specialist equipment.



green and honest

our used cooking oil (a mainstay in the churro cooking process) is collected by our suppliers and used to generate bio-diesel which is, in turn, used to fuel the trucks that deliver our goods to us. 

there's more...

we've taken part in the One Planet Plate scheme, in association with CarbonATE and Shambala Festival, to measure the carbon footprint of our main dish 'hermano'. most menu items average a total of 1.9kg of CO2e per serving. ours? we come in at 0.19kg of CO2e per serving, 1/10th of traditional menu items. this vegan chocolatey snack thing is good for everyone, not just you!